About Brinkley Wright

Brinkley Wright grew up in Memphis, TN. As a debutante, she gained a deeper knowledge of the benefits of proper etiquette and has carried that knowledge with her throughout her life. Brinkley and her husband, Larvizo, live in Hixson, TN with their two children, Layla and Logan and their dog, Wrigley.Brinkley has worked with her church youth program, teaching young ladies how to continue growing gracefully into a Godly young woman. She also has been very involved in her children’s education, volunteering and serving on the PTO Board, even serving as President of the organization for two years. Brinkley owned a children’s clothing business for 5 years, she created and sold personalized clothing for children. As the world continues to change, Brinkley’s passion for etiquette and helping others learn about etiquette and proper behavior has grown. “The Wright Etiquette” was born out of her desire to help children and adults learn essential life skills with courtesy, generosity and etiquette. In March of 2021, Brinkley became a Certified Etiquette Consultant. Her certification is through IAP Career College and she is also a member of the International Association of Professional Etiquette Consultants.